President & Managing Director

Wyndham Hotels (EMEA)

Take a deep dive into the world of hospitality with Dimitris Manikis, the President & Managing Director for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as he shares his insights on the future of business and corporate travel, sustainability, and building brands that leave a lasting legacy. From his personal story of falling in love with the industry to his vision for uniting people through travel, this podcast episode is a must-listen!

Dimitris and Florian had fun discussing their meeting at ITB Berlin 2023 and their shared fascination for the hospitality industry. Dimitris emphasized the importance of conscious travel and the advantages of being able to work from anywhere. Dimitris and Florian discussed franchising challenges and the importance of trust among business owners and employees, as he stressed the need for keeping relevancy in mind when developing brands and embracing new trends to meet the evolving needs of travellers. They discussed sustainability, emphasizing the importance of leaving a better world for future generations through sustainable hospitality. Lastly, they talked about the need to employ younger generations in ways that show respect and provide learning opportunities from an early stage in school, university, and internships.

In his closing remarks, Dimitris talked about his personal outlook on finishing his hospitality career with more travellersandfulfilling the purpose of uniting people in hospitality. 

Enjoy the show!