Chief People & Culture Officer

The Social Hub

You heard it here first and to mark the occasion, Mieke Veldhuis, Chief People & Culture Officer at The Social Hub, is our guest on our next podcast episode.

She revealed to us why The Student Hotel outgrew its name and is changing it to The Social Hub and why the new name is true to the core meaning of TSH. Fritz and Mieke talked about hybrid hospitality and how it resonates with the hub, change management and the challenges that TSH had to face in the past. The Social Hub connects all kinds of stays under one roof: students, short stay hotel guests, long stay hotel guests,  co-working and co-living and so Mieke explained the role and importance of people and culture in all that. Mieke also highlighted why she got into hospitality and how her paths crossed with TSH, having worked in retail most of her life.

To wrap up, Mieke let us in on a personal secret, what the future holds for The Social Hub and her most memorable hotel experience.

Enjoy the show!