Director of Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Hyatt Corporation

We’ve got a new podcast episode for you! Probably the most heartfelt ever. Phil had the chance to chat to Ronisha Goodwin, the Director of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Hyatt Corporation, while both visited the Proud Experience conference in Los Angeles.

Get ready to hear Ronisha’s inspiring story of how she found her passion for hospitality, inspired by a TV show that sparked her dreams. She talks about her mission to create a sense of inclusion and belonging for Hyatt guests, colleagues, and customers worldwide and developing the same access to the same resources for everyone.

Of course, Phil couldn’t help but to proudly mention his hometown’s recent soccer victory – but we also got some insights on Ronisha’s personal life from her dating life to the Ohio Buckeyes. Ronisha, having experienced diverse environments throughout her life, lets us in on what home truly means to her. Ronisha’s journey in hospitality started her eyes were opened to the lack of access and fairness in the industry.

Phil and Ronisha explore diversity in the United States and Germany, uncovering the much-needed development in the hospitality industry. Her passion for equity shines through as she presented her intention to provide equal opportunities for all. Together they discuss the development of Human Resources in the industry and especially the development of tracking the number of people of color or women, removing gender from grooming standards, and realizing that we need to attack discrimination in workplaces. They also dive into the power of mentors in career development, and how the mindset in the industry has shifted from standards to new ideas.

Wrapping up the episode, Phil grants Ronisha a wish, for which Ronisha envisions a future that is driven by the realization that race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and immigration status are not things that need to divide us and in which we know that we can all rise together.

Enjoy the show!