Chief Executive Officer

Nordic Choice Hotels

Torgeir Silseth, the CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels, joined us on the podcast after the Nordic Hotel Conference in Copenhagen and talked to us about the Conference itself, including his participation in the talk “The Battle of the Giants”, how he got to Nordic Choice Hotels, their challenges and what’s coming in the near future.

Patrizia and Torgeir talked about his way into hospitality and the industry, as well as his journey to becoming a General Manager and ultimately a CEO. Torgeir let us in on the growth of Nordic Choice Hotels, from being a small chain that grew into a hotel group with more than 200 hotels in Scandinavia and the circumstances of expanding in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania. Since the NHC in Copenhagen had been postponed due to the pandemic, Torgeir also shared with us the importance of keeping the culture intact during times like these – prioritising open and transparent but also welcoming communication towards your employees since the situation was hard on both parties.

To round off the podcast, Pat and Torgeir discussed the bright future ahead of us in the hospitality industry.

Enjoy the show!