SMACK Weekly

Welcome to this brand new SMACK-format was created by the hospitality industry, for the the hospitality industry.

In no more than 4 minutes (240 seconds) SMACK Weekly will summarize the past weeks top 5-6 headlines of the international hospitality world and is your ideal way to keep up to date with the hospitality world. It is our strong belief that more than 95% of hospitality news don’t need more than 2-3 sentences of explanation, so this format will cut the explanation of each headline down to just that, without neglecting the key information.

Fed up of reading multiple newsletters every morning? Don’t feel like reading articles of 400-500 words and just want the brief version? No longer have time to check all 20 news sites that your colleagues have suggested every morning? We feel you. SMACK Weekly is geared to making the consumption of only the most relevant hospitality news

Starting 19.02.2021 SMACK Weekly will air in a podcast-format once per week. You’ll be able to catch it right here on our website and listen to every episode on-demand on Spotify, Apple Podcast and YouTube by searching “smack weekly”. Tune in from anywhere at any point in time, whether you are in the car, in the bathroom, walking your dog (or husband!) or prepping some food, it’ll never take you longer than 4 minutes to get your weekly hospitality update with SMACK Weekly.

Enjoy the show.

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