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entertatining hospitality podcast

SMACK’s hospitality podcast is geared towards introducing key decision makers of the industry to a larger audience in every corner of the world. The choice of guests, which we invite to the show, is largely based on whether they can bring an aspect or story to the SMACK community that we haven’t had on the show yet and whether they are entertaining and engaging to communicate with. Nothing on this hospitality podcast is scripted, there are no pre-recorded interviews, no pre-discussed questions – every episode is recorded in one take and not edited.

One of our 4 hosts leads through every episode of the hospitality podcast and welcomes guests from ever part of the hospitality industry, including the world of hotels, airlines, theme parks, cruise lines, DMOs, stadiums, events and many more.

Enjoy the show!

  • SMACK Hospitality Podcast | Veerle Donders
    Veerle Donders

    Concept & Brand Director - Zoku

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Caroline von Kretschmann
    Caroline von Kretschmann

    Managing Director - Hotel Europäischer Hof

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Michael Ros
    Michael Ros

    CEO & Co-Founder - Bidroom

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Richard Castle
    Richard Castle

    Co-Founder and COO - Cloudbeds

  • SMACK Hospitality Podcast | Neil Jacobs
    Neil Jacobs

    CEO - Six Senses Hotels & Resorts

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Isabell Fuss
    Isabell Fuss

    Group Vice President Development - Ruby Hotels

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Marloes Knippenberg
    Marloes Knippenberg

    CEO - Kerten Hospitality

  • Haakon Herbst | SMACK Hospitality Media
    Haakon Herbst

    Managing Director - Hotel Friends Group

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Christopher Hartley
    Christopher Hartley

    CEO - Global Hotel Alliance (GHA)

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Boris Radke
    Boris Radke

    Director Corporate Affairs and Workplace Experience - Omio

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Anne Wahl-Pozeg
    Anne Wahl-Pozeg

    Senior Vice President Communications Northern Europe - Accor

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Joshua Gan
    Joshua Gan

    Regional Director Asia/Pacific - EHL Group

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Ueli Schneider
    Dr. Ueli Schneider

    Head of Business Development & Member of the Management Board - HotellerieSuisse

  • SMACK Hospitality Podcast | Katharina Kienemann
    Katharina Kienemann

    Managing Director - Alte Försterei

  • SMAKC Hospitality Meda
    Lorenzo Stoll

    Head of Western Switzerland - Swiss International Airlines

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Chalana Perera
    Chalana Perera

    Hotel Real Estate Development, Investment Professional & Hospitality Entrepreneur

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Robert Herr
    Robert Herr

    General Manager - Bürgenstock Resort

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Michelle Walder
    Michelle Walder

    General Manager - NoMad Hotel New York

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Chi Chan
    Chi Chan

    Chief Commercial Officer - IRECKONU

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Roy Himmelreich
    Roy Himmelreich

    Senior Executive Manager Relationship Marketing Hotel - Sixt

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Timothee Semelin
    Timothee Semelin

    Global Senior Corporate Director of Digital Marketing & Transformation - Rosewood Hotels

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Wilko Weber
    Wilhelm “Wilko” Weber

    Vice President Global Revenue and Digital Strategy - Kempinksi

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Ingrid Eras-Magdalena
    Ingrid Eras-Magdalena

    IngChief Officer and Executive Vice President - Belmond

  • SMACK Hospitality Meda | Lukas Peter
    Lukas Peter

    Head of Revenue Global - Soho House & Co.

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Pierre Perusset
    Pierre Perusset

    GM - The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

  • SMACK On Tour
  • SMACK On Tour
  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Frank Marrenbach
    Frank Marrenbach

    CEO - Oetker Collection

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Tobias Wann
    Tobias Wann

    CEO - OYO Vacation Homes

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Tina Brack
    Tina Brack

    GM - Ellington Hotel Berlin

  • SMACK Hospitality Media |Patrizia Zueck Jo-Ann Li
    Patrizia Zueck & Jo-Ann Li

    Young Hoteliers Summit 2020

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Nicole & Ian
    Nicole Rosenkranz & Ian Millar

    Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Gregor Andreewitch
    Gregor Andreewitch

    GM - Waldorf Astoria Berlin

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Mark Somen
    Mark Somen

    Chief Executive Officer - The Conduit

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Adam Rowledge
    Adam Rowledge

    Managing Director - Rowledge Associates Ltd.

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Philip Ibrahim
    Philip Ibrahim

    GM - The Student Hotel Berlin

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Beat Fornaro
    Beat Fornaro

    Area Director Portfolio Development EMEA - Design Hotels

  • SMACK Hospitality Media | Fritz Dickamp Florian Montag
    Florian Montag & Fritz Dickamp

    Hotelhero & L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting