Mari Van Bogaart

Let’s talk about …. HOSPITALITY!

Rumor has it that working in Hospitality is somewhat special. Peculiar, intense, hard … and fun! Some of the stuff that happens in our day-to-day work life simply is hilarious and crazy … and we want to talk about exactly those moments!

From the epic triumphs that deserve a round of applause, to the oh-so-relatable blunders that’ll make you laugh your ass off, we collect all YOUR stories and anecdotes and give them a little brush-up in SMACK’s new video podcast: Dirty Laundry.

And yes, as the title implies, please but do share all your dirty, funny, weird, exciting or breathtaking stories with us – we’ll anonymize and discuss them! Get ready to be whirled around and listen to our hosts clean up some messy hospitality situations with SMACK’s Dirty Laundry.

You have experienced something worth talking about during your time in Hospitality?