Ingrid Eras-Magdalena

Director, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Ever wondered what will be left of the people business that is called hospitality follwing the recovery and how it’s evolved over the past decades – With more experience in the hospitality industry than the entire team at Smack combined, Ingrid Eras-Magdalena is one of those people you could listen to for hours.

Nothing short of a legend in the HR-world of hospitality, with previous high-level positions at Starwood (remember them? They were the cool Marriott!), Ingrid now has been holding the Chief HR Officer position at Belmond (now part of LVMH) for several years. Needless to say that we squeezed all the questions we could into the hour and still we feel we would have had 300 more topics to discuss. Ingrid told us why after 25 years in HR she has never hired someone based on their grades, where we stand in the fight against inequality and how many sleeplesss nights currently caring for a more than 9000 people strong workforce in times of Covid 19 has caused her.

Besides all that, we established how early in Ingrid’s career she was confronted with artificial body parts of guests being used as a weapon and how it’s helped her evolve as a leader.

Stay safe & enjoy the show.