Chris Nader

CEO & CO-Founder

ENVI Lodges

Sustainable luxury, outdoor hospitality & his entrepreneurial journey

Nothing could keep him out of #hospitality! 

Pat had a chat with Chris Nader, Co-Founder and CEO of ENVI Lodges, who is on a mission to revolutionize outdoor hospitality and combine it with sustainable luxury.

Chris and his team find themselves facing the challenge of meeting sustainability standards while satisfying the demanding needs of luxury travelers. But there’s no doubt that the soon-to-open boutique properties immersed in nature will manage to close this gap. 

Chris shared insights into his adventurous entrepreneurial journey and gave plenty of great advice for curious hotel entrepreneurs-to-be. One of the most important factors in launching one’s own company? The right co-founder and team to jump all the bumps and bombs along the road with.

Listen carefully, Chris even shares some exclusive, top-secret news with SMACK! 

Enjoy the show!