Patrizia Zueck & Jo-Ann Li

Young Hoteliers Summit (YHS) 2020

Our very first ON TOUR-episode of Season 1 leads us to the preparations of the Young Hoteliers Summit (YHS) 2020 edition, a 3-day event organized solely by current students of the Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, during which students and staff of over 30 international hospitality management schools come together to discuss, exchange and socialize. Sounds fun? You bet! We had a quick word with two key members of this years organizing team, Patrizia Zueck (head of community) and Jo-Ann Li (head of speakers) who explained the concept of YHS to us, gave us a sneak preview behind the scenes of the YHS 2020 edition and some tips on the necessity to plan your outfits right for the event!

Enjoy the show!