🥁  Are you ready? 🥁

SMACK is back!  And we got some exciting new stuff in our suitcases after the summer holidays. We have taken a little time off to reconsider life choices and 💥 here are the results:

SMACK has a new look, a new logo and new formats. Don’t you worry, we are still as cheeky, witty and fun as you know us. 😏 We have finally found our inner peace and declared #edutainment as our mission for the seasons to come.

Haven’t heard of edutainment?! Neither had we! That being said, it’s the best part of both worlds that SMACK explores: education and entertainment. More stories from the hospitality business, tourism sector, and beyond, more intriguing guests in personal conversations, and meeting the industry’s most knowledgeable experts and key decision makers on a personal note. We will spotlight some exceptional people, projects and career paths for you and feed you those industry insights with an extra side of fun.

Enough now, best you hear it from Pat, Flo, Phil and Fritz themselves what’s awaiting you in SMACK Season 5.

Enjoy the show and hear you on the 5th of September 2023! 🎬