Dr. Jeffrey O

President - International Hospitality Institute
Chairman - St. Justine

Do you ever run out of battery? This man surely doesn’t!

We are proud to welcome Dr. Jeffrey O Chairman of the Directors Board at St. Justine, President of the International Hospitality Institute, coach, mentor, writer, and simply put one of the most influential people in hospitality. 

Jeffrey let Flo in on his story, and his approach to being humble and respectful above anything else. A trade that is direly needed in an industry, where every team member from the housekeeper to the CEO is equally important for delivering perfect service. They discussed if becoming a receptionist is still a good choice to make a career in hospitality. They chatted about the International Hospitality Institute, the Hospitality Hall of Fame, which we should all have an eye on in the next couple of weeks and the importance of recognizing and celebrating success within the industry. Did you know that the IHI is not only responsible for education in hospitality, advocacy, and training on an international scale, but also hands out scholarships? Like the Hoteliers Guild in which Jeffrey is involved as well, which offers scholarships for young students from Africa.

Of course, they also talked about St Justine Hotels, which is Jeffrey’s latest transformational luxury hotel project. Which is about to redefine, what luxury is, by incorporating ultra-personalized technology.

They also touched on the topic of Jeffrey’s writing and mentoring and even got a wacky anecdote for Smack’s Dirty Laundry in. If you are now starting to get as curious as Flo, how Jeffrey gets all of his duties into his day? Listen closely to his advice on very busy schedules!

Tune in and enjoy the show!