President Hospitality, Travel & Wellness


Connecting hotel real estate owners with brands, trends and tech

Let’s say 2023 was not quite the year of deal-making within the industry. 

Then what does the future have in stock for hospitality and real estate?

Alexi Khajavi President Hospitality, Travel and Wellness at Questex set down with Flo at last week’s IHIF (International Hospitality Investment Forum) in Berlin to discuss trends, the role of technology and his personal “meandering” career journey.

Alexi and his team are deeply embedded in the hospitality industry and run events to inform and connect industry insiders around the globe. With the help of the Investor Sentiment Index and at least one ear on the track at all times, they have been spotting trends from afar for 25 years. 

And they have good news: there are great opportunities for the industry –  for example, in trends like senior living and also, strangely enough, in the epidemic of loneliness that is roaming the world.  

Like Flo said, “This was a really inspiring and insightful conversation.”, so we highly recommend you tune in to the full episode!

Enjoy the show!