Founder & Chairman


Minor Hotels: An overnight success that took 55 years  

William Heinecke, aka Bill, Founder & Chairman of Minor Hotels and Fritz broke down the evolving world of hospitality at last year’s FHS in Abu Dhabi. They talked about newly rising travel destinations like Saudi Arabia, bucket list trips, and the growing importance of the food industry. 

Bill’s mission: Authentic hotel experiences, honoring the country’s cultures and traditions, and choosing destinations off the beaten path with the effort to recognize each location’s beauty and heritage. All inspired by his inborn passion for the industry, his love for unfamiliar locations in hotel development, and his vision for the multi-hotel-brand chain’s future. 

Bill also founded several foundations to support charity causes, for example, the Elephant Program “The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation” in the north of Thailand, which has implemented three ongoing Wild Elephant Conservation projects ensuring safety for both – the grey gentle giants and the village community.

The best decade of life? Bill says, his is yet to come. We can‘t wait to see what it has in store for the man, who once started with a small company in Thailand and now runs over 80.000 rooms worldwide.

Enjoy the show!