Edith Gerhardt


Hirmer Hospitality

Edith Gerhardt, CEO of Hirmer Hospitality, joined us on the 18th episode of Season 3. We discussed her personal career path from The Ritz Carlton to Marriott International, which ultimately lead her to Travel Charme and Hirmer Hospitality. Edith told us about employee motivation and success factors for a hospitality company and emphasized the importance of clear values and measurability to inspire others as visionaries. Further, she elaborates on the significance of positive mistake culture and in that context introduces Mr. BIV, a documentation program to track and learn from mistakes. We learn more about Hirmer Hospitality and the three different brands in the portfolio, namely “Travel Charme”, “Urban Nature” and “truuee” and discuss the difference between operational and strategic thinking.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Edith also shared her favorite sports with us, causing our host Philip to propose a challenge to Edith at the end.

Enjoy the show!

This episode is brought to you by the dfv mediengruppe, the ahgz and the German Hotel Convention 2022.