Julian Trautwein

Co-Founder & MD


Innovation never stops! Welcome to a brand new podcast episode featuring Julian Trautwein, Co-founder and Managing Director at Raus. Before Julian started his career in hospitality he was spinning records, so it’s no surprise he met his first boss in a bar. From there he went on to work for an agency, 6 years at Airbnb and finally Tourlane, before creating the concept of Raus. Julian shared some insights on the idea for Raus and why it is so important to be open to disruption and vision driven against all odds. We also learned how Johann, Christopher and Julian founded and shaped the business, with the idea to create a space for people to recharge their batteries and connect with nature. Of course we didn’t let him go without a quick outlook on his vision for the next years and how he sees Raus expanding.

Enjoy the show!