MARK Mcculloch

Founder, Campaign Director, CEO

Hospitality Rising UK & Super Sonic Marketing

Attention please: “Hospitality Rising”

That’s the title of Mark McCulloch’s campaign, which is addressing the painful topic of staff shortage in the UK hospitality scene in an unseen way. And one thing is for sure: This is a game-changer in how employment in hospitality is seen, not just in the UK, but potentially everywhere. If you want to know how to convert one in three GenZlers to potential hospitality-fans you better tune in to this SMACK episode.

Mark and Phil did not only talk about Hospitality Rising UK though. They also touched on a few other topics. From joy-bonding at work, to building a kick-ass CV as a marketeer, to how to leave a task that’s just not your calling. And of course, there’s an analogy to soccer, the British music scene, Buddhism and some interesting dating advice.

If you are like us and just can’t get enough of this Supersonic Marketing mastermind, who has worked with and for a whole bunch of great companies like and Yo!Sushi, this is your chance to pick his brain and find a whole bunch of good reasons why choosing to work in hospitality is never a bad move.

Or, you check out one of his own podcast episodes at SuperSonic Marketing and follow along as he and his guests discuss topics that make hospitality marketing boom.

Enjoy the show!