4 Hosts, 4 Seasons

A recap of how everything started & our favorite moments of SMACK history.

Are you ready for the SMACK Podcast Recap Episode?

We missed you… and didn’t want to wait until Season 5 starts in September, so we sat our 4 hosts down together and sent them on a trip down memory lane. It’s been 4 years already – yeah, that’s right: 4 years since SMACK first started.

Pat, Flo, Phil, and Fritz reminisced in a bit of nostalgia and a lot of laughter going through the past 4 seasons of their favorite SMACK moments thus far. From how everything started, in times when Phil was still in a suit, and our mother ship wasn’t called Studio49 yet. By the way: We swear we’ve worked on the microphone situation by now.

Join us on this journey as we rewind the last 4 podcast seasons in the SMACK podcast recap episode and get a healthy dose of “wait-did-they-actually-do-that”-moments, stay tuned for the highest highs and lowest lows of SMACK history.

As always: Enjoy the show!