SVP & Director of Sustainable Business&


A Mastermind of Numbers behind Sustainability

A business affair of data and sustainability. 

Meet Caroline Tiveus, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Business at Pandox – one of the forefront players in bringing the hospitality industry to the next level sustainability-wise. 

Caroline and Flo discussed the work she is doing to help hotels reduce their CO2 emissions, along with how different standards throughout the EU affect business decisions, and how it is time to take proper action instead of just greenwashing

Caroline doesn’t just talk the talk; she manages several hotel properties throughout Europe and implements direct actions in all departments and teams. Her work showcases how businesses can actually save money while at the same time, becoming more eco-friendly. 

Even though she doesn’t consider herself an activist, she proves every day that passion and data work hand in hand. For her, the most important part is doing meaningful work, to be able to look her children in the eye, and actually be proud. 

Enjoy the show!