Atul Chopra

Founder & CEO

FreshOn Table

Minimum emissions, maximum nutrition – harvest on demand

 Have you ever wondered what grows in the desert? 

 We have. So we sent Phil to talk to someone who knows – Atul Chopra, Founder and CEO of FreshOn Table, who supplies restaurants and hotels in UAE with fresh greens and other edibles.

Minimum emissions, maximum nutrition is the motto, that led him to create a company that connects farmers to chefs – so close, that they can harvest on demand.

 Atul has a lot to tell about circular economy and agritech, because six hours from field to kitchen don’t come from nothing.  It takes a lot of data analysis, entrepreneurial expertise and education to get this loop going.

 As Phil found out, there is a lot more we can learn from Atul,  who moved from banknotes and Excel sheets to soil, water, and baby carrots. The serial entrepreneur calls 16 African countries his “playgrounds” and has lived in many more.

 Besides this, Phil outs himself as a country boy – you better tune in to this episode!

 Enjoy the show!