Fahad Abdulrahim


Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA

Insights & stories about hospitality in the Middle East

Fahad Abdulrahim Kazim, CEO of Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA, joined Fritz at the FHS in Riyadh for a chat about Saudi Arabia’s booming travel market, the plans of Millennium Hotels & Resorts in the Middle East and African region, and the future of brand evolution.

Fahad found his true calling in hospitality through numbers. From accounting to real estate, he landed in hospitality with a passion for showcasing Saudi’s beauty to the world.

With Vision 2030, the country’s transformation is spectacular. Today’s travelers crave authentic experiences, and Saudi delivers – stunning landscapes, rich culture, and history. And the food! Ever tried local Saudi honey? It’s not just about breakfast; it’s about tasting the essence of the land.

Millennium thrives in sustainability and unforgettable experiences – including local produce, farm visits, and cultural interactions. Guests book more than just a room; they book a story. For Fahad, it’s the best of both worlds – memorable experiences and earth care.

Stick around for the “not so easy” SMACK questions challenge at the end, which Fahad bravely faced and successfully conquered.

Enjoy the show!