Group Director of Spa & Wellness

Mandarin Oriental

Jeremy McCarthy, Group Director of Spa & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, recently joined Patrizia on an incredibly inspiring episode of the SMACK podcast. Together, they have cruised through a bunch of topics, that will make you feel well – from innovation in spas to positive psychology and general life advice. Guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.

What does a day at work of someone look like, who is responsible for all the good stuff? Jeremy McCarthy oversees the strategy and marketing of wellness-, spa-, and fitness offers, as well as kids’ clubs, water sports, and activities across the impressive portfolio of 36 hotels and resorts within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Furthermore, he is actively involved in the design and development of new projects worldwide and Master of Applied Positive Psychology on paper and in day-to-day hospitality life.

Jeremy and Patrizia had a chat about the difference between wellness and well-being, and discussed what positive psychology has in common with spa- and wellness institutions. They were talking about the side effects of technology in our everyday life and how innovative fitness and wellness treatments can counter them, for example through massages, animal movements, or simply moving. Other than that, they explored how the past couple of years and technology have changed the spa industry and what is the best way to guide guests through today’s wellness experiences while slaloming between the necessary digital connection and its greatly desired absence.

Jeremy and Patrizia got to the root of what differentiates Mandarin Oriental from other luxury brands, as well as Jeremy’s personal path through the world of well-being. Don’t miss his advice on lifelong learning, the up-and-coming spa destinations of this world, and last but not least on: how to propose perfectly to your significant other.

Enjoy the show!