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The Leading Hotels of the World

Shannon Knapp and her business The Leading Hotels of the World have cemented their legacy in hospitality for years. Their current President and CEO, Shannon Knapp, joined us on the show and Patrizia and her spoke about the importance of remaining open to new opportunities, that success is not always a linear path and the essence of having mentors in your life that help you navigate through your career. Shannon highlighted the great opportunity of having been able to restructure the organization and invest in developing the data and technology infrastructure. She also spoke to us about the importance of matching the right guest with the right hotel as a travellers preferences are shifting towards emotional wellness, sustainability as well as trading up.

We could not let Shannon go without talking about gender parity, female leaders in hospitality and learned that the first president of LHW was in fact a woman named Edith L. Turner. On a final note, Shannon gave us an insight into how she wants the legacy to remain and what goals LHW is striving to achieve in the next ten years.

Enjoy the show!

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