Co-Founder & COO GetYourGuide

We’re back with Season 5 and here wo go!

Welcome Tao Tao, co-founder and COO of GetYourGuide, the revolutionary of travel experiences and one of the best people to hang out with if you need top travel advice in any city on this planet.

For the opening of SMACK’s fifth podcast season, Florian had the pleasure of hosting Tao and discussing his founder story, the tough times GetYourGuide had to face during the past couple of years, and what experiences mean to the travel industry today.

They started off by talking about the latest phenomenal funding round of GetYourGuide and discussed the tech and travel industry of the past years. The COO opened up about what lessons he had learned during these times and how they had to rethink tactics & strategies to focus on the company’s goal of building long-term value. 

Tao also shared the very inspiring story of founding GetYourGuide as his friend from back in the day booked his flight for their trip wrong, arrived a day too early, and had problems going sightseeing – boom. The seed for GetYourGuide was planted and they started the research on the market for travel experiences. The founders mentioned how important partnerships with local partners are for travel experiences and how a network can help expand the business globally. As well as the customer impact, it influences your growth journey not only business-like but also personally. Teamwork apparently makes the dream work, so Tao gives us one piece of advice: Take co-founders and companions on your journey to share the load and the adventure. 

Tao and Flo closed off the episode talking about supporting Bayern Munich and Tao’s dream tour which is not offered, yet.

Trust us, you’ll want to hear the whole story. Check out our brand-new podcast episode on Spotify, Apple and anywhere else, where there are good podcasts.

Enjoy the show!