Chief Executive Officer

TUI Cruises

Wybcke Meier, the CEO of TUI Cruises, features this SMACK episode, so: Have you ever been on a cruise ship? No?! If you need some convincing, episode will tell you all you want to know about the cruise world.

Wybcke spoke to Philip about how TUI cruises came together and told us how traveling on a cruise works with the incredible size of the ships and the number of passengers on board. She also explained how people experience cruises and activities on shore, as some plan them themselves and others use cruise offers. Wybcke also highlighted that the crew members are the most significant part of the business, as they play the most important part in making each cruise work and the experiences unique. As Phil and Wybcke discussed sustainability and ways to reduce our carbon footprint, she also mentioned the upcoming latest addition to the TUI Cruises-fleet, which will be much more environmentally friendly than previous ships. Last but not least, she also let us in on the secrets surrounding her family’s bakery and her favorite thing in her day-to-day life as CEO: working with the best team to improve the cruise experience for guests. 

Enjoy the show!